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September 1
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    Levi roams through the empty palace halls, his white tunic flowing freely behind his slender legs, golden chaplet heavy on the crown of his head. He gazes at the portraits and tapestries hanging high, fingertips aimlessly tracing the cracks in the wall.

    Levi finally reaches the double doors leading to the main room of the harem, nodding to the guard as they bowed deeply, opening the doors for their emperor. His steel gaze sweeps over the room, going past the others lounging on divans, a bowl of grapes and pomegranates at their sides.

     You sat on plush pillows, plucking green grapes and popping them in between your pink lips. Gold bands and necklaces adorned your wrists, ankles, and throat, jeweled brooches clasping onto the bright shimmer of the fabric around your waist. Levi approaches you, and your lips formed into a lascivious smile as you heard his footsteps.

    The raven settles comfortably onto the pillows, and you swung your legs over his shoulder, shooting him a smile. The gold bands jingled and moved about as Levi cradles your ankle, pressing soft kisses up your legs, staring at you — most likely up the glimmering piece of fabric wrapped around your form —  with half lidded eyes. He notices the small cut marring your soft flesh, and his mouth turns into a slight frown.

    "Did you hurt yourself again?" he asks, eyebrows knitted, and you laugh, nodding.

    "I fell; a sharp object pierced the skin," you answer, burying your nose into his ebony hair. He seemed to smell of spices, with a faint honeyed scent of roses. Levi kisses the wound, muttering about how you always managed to hurt yourself in every way possible. His grip on your ankles tighten, his slim fingers tracing odd patterns on your skin.

    "Soft, as always," Levi says, letting go of your legs and reaching for your hand; his digits intertwine with yours, and your heart aches.


    At a young age, you were sold as a slave, stripped of everything you've loved and held dear. But you were unexpectedly sent to be trained at a school of the harems, to learn the arts of entertaining and pleasure, and you were soon brought to the palace. You considered yourself lucky to be the royal courtesan; or you wouldn't have been able to meet Levi.

    Levi handles you wonderfully every night; he steals you to his bedroom, drowning you in ecstasy as his pallid hands dances over your frame. He kisses you gently, sweet and chaste, hot and filled with lust. Levi admires every trait of you; he loves all of your beauty and flaws. His voice, steady and tender, fills your ear with sweet nothings, all the while caressing every part of you softly.

    You were lavished with gifts; exquisite pieces of clothing, gleaming gems and jewelry, riches and gold, and food that would last an entire lifetime.

    But the one you most appreciated was his love.

    The amazing love Levi gives you heats up your body, and your heart feels full with warmth. You repay Levi with just your presence, accompanying him most of the time in a day.

    You just can't let go of him.


    Levi walks with you in the rose garden, under the pale moonlight that shone and cut through the darkness of the night. The fabric around your figure was cream in color, embellished with gorgeous golden embroidery, the inside of the skirt made of deep blue silk which reminded Levi of the starry sky.

    You twirl a rose stem between your index finger and thumb, careful of the thorns that stuck out. A wind blows, carrying the fragrant scent of the red rose. You sneeze lightly, giggling.

    Your skin glowed, Levi's blade-bright gaze trained on you, piercing and unyielding.

    "If only we could be together. That would be like heaven," Levi mumbles, hand finding yours.

    "But, I am not of royal blood, Levi. That wouldn't be possible--"

    "I know. But I would do anything to change that," and he brings your hand up to his lips, brushing them against your knuckles, the scent of roses hitting his nostrils.
    You smile, cupping his cheek, pulling him in for a kiss. You taste of grapes, and spices.

    Levi thinks it wouldn't be that bad to stay like this for a while longer.

    be it the world,
or be it mankind;

i'd give up anything,
    just to have you by my s i d e.

so i saw a post on tumblr (mind, it's eruri), and i just
why not write about emperOR LEVI AND COURTESAN READER??11!!
and this happened
this probably sucks so
forgive me

Levi (c) Hajime Isayama

You (c) Levi //dances

Image source: [uwu]  (i was so pissed because i couldn't find a proper image, so i just used this instead //siGHS

apologies for any mistakes, i'll edit later in the morning ಥ‿ಥ
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